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At Race Republic, our journey into Nissan parts distribution was a natural progression, fueled by our deep-seated passion and longstanding involvement in the community of Nissan performance cars, particularly the GT-R and Z range. Our expertise and dedication to these high-performance vehicles made Nissan parts a clear and obvious choice for expansion.

This initiative started from a genuine desire to support and empower Nissan owners. Recognizing the hurdles many face with traditional dealership markups and limited availability, we leveraged our connections and knowledge to source genuine parts directly from Nissan South Africa, ensuring not only unbeatable pricing but also OEM quality.

While our roots are deeply embedded in performance cars, our parts offering extends beyond the racetrack heroes to include all Nissan models. Whether it's a family-friendly X-Trail or a powerhouse GT-R, our commitment remains the same: to provide reliable, high-quality genuine parts that enhance both the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

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Nismo Performance Parts & Upgrades

Ideal for enthusiasts seeking to elevate their Nissan's performance, aesthetics and value.

At Race Republic, we offer premium Nismo parts and comprehensive conversion kits tailored for Nissan's performance line, notably the celebrated GT-R and Z models. Our parts offering also covers a wide range of other models like the Nissan Patrol, Juke, and more, ensuring every Nissan enthusiast finds the upgrade suited to their needs. We expertly manage complete upgrade projects that significantly enhance both the aesthetic appeal and performance of these vehicles. These upgrades not only revamp the visual presence, making each car a showpiece, but also boost the overall value significantly. By improving aerodynamics, engine performance, and precision handling, we deliver an exhilarating driving experience that also increases the market value of the vehicle. With Race Republic, investing in Nismo parts and upgrades means investing in the future of your Nissan, enhancing its appeal and worth with guaranteed quality and expert craftsmanship.

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