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From Passionate Pursuits to Pioneering Products

The allure of cars, from the roaring engines to the sleek designs, has always been more than just a mode of transport to me. It’s been a passion, a lifestyle, a heartbeat that resonates with every rev of the engine. My first experience behind the wheel of a sports car was not just a drive; it was an awakening. It was the moment I realized that the automotive industry was where I belonged.

Life, as it often does, took me on various detours, leading me away from my immediate passion. These detours, while seemingly divergent, were in fact laying the groundwork, equipping me with invaluable skills and lessons that would ultimately guide me back, stronger and more prepared, to achieve some of my lifelong dreams. Website development, a skill that empowered me to build a website like this, combined with brand development and design, helped me carve out a brand that captures the essence of automotive passion. Product development allowed me to craft products that are a tribute to the racing and automotive world. Marketing helped me understand how to reach my fellow enthusiasts, and through customer relations, I’ve been able to continually enhance the experience that my team and I offer to our loyal customers. Each phase, each lesson, unknowingly, was preparing me for a grand comeback to my first love.

It was the events and activities shared with my brother, Janus, that reignited the spark. Co-Owning Club 23, a renowned name in the automotive industry specializing in high performance car builds, modifications, and tuning, Janus has been my compass in the vast automotive universe. While Club 23 is particularly known for its expertise in Nissan, their prowess extends to other brands, solidifying their reputation in the car community. This close bond and mutual respect are also why Race Republic has such a tight-knit partnership with Club 23. Our shared experiences, from attending car events to our end-of-day brainstorming sessions over coffees or Dragon energy drinks, have been the fuel behind Race Republic’s engine.

Seeking a path back to the automotive industry, an idea struck me. There’s a saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve. What if we could wear our passion on our wrists? A daily reminder of what drives us. This awakening led me to the concept of automotive-inspired, wheel-designed watches. I collaborated with reputable watch manufacturers to introduce this unique blend of horology and automotive art to the South African car community.

Thus, Race Republic was born – a brand that married my love for cars with the timeless allure of horology. Our wheel-inspired watches were just the starting line. The overwhelming demand from our loyal customers steered us towards expanding our product range. Every product, every design was a testament to the automotive world, a piece of art that resonated with fellow car enthusiasts.

Today, Race Republic is more than just a brand. It’s a community, a family of car aficionados who wear their passion on their sleeves, and wrists! As we race ahead, our commitment remains unchanged: to bring the automotive world closer to you, one product at a time. Join us on this exhilarating ride. The race has just begun.

Evert Janse van Rensburg
Founder & Fellow Car Enthusiast




Just as cars have been a heartbeat that resonates with every rev for me, at Race Republic, our mission is to fuel that very passion in you. By meticulously curating products that echo the spirit of the racetrack, we aim to bridge the gap between the racetrack's thrill and everyday life. Through our offerings, we're not just providing products; we're crafting memories, experiences, and a community. By understanding and connecting with fellow enthusiasts, we're committed to enhancing the journey we share, ensuring that every product becomes a testament to our shared love for cars.



Life has taught me that every detour has a purpose. With Race Republic, our vision is to create track day events that serve not just as a thrill but as a beacon of hope. These events are more than just open track days; they're moments of joy, especially for our fellow car lovers facing life's toughest challenges. By giving them the chance to feel the exhilaration of a sports car on the track, we hope to reignite their passion, providing a powerful boost to their spirit. It's about fostering a community where our love for cars becomes more than just a hobby; it's a lifeline, a reason to fight, and a celebration of life itself.


Anchored by Integrity, Driven by Passion.

Driven Passion

Embodying our love for cars in every endeavor.


Building a global family of car enthusiasts.


Uncompromising quality in every product.


Uplifting spirits, spreading hope.


Genuine actions, products, and relationships.


Fueling Our Vision Through Collective Passion.

At the core of Race Republic is a dynamic consortium of esteemed collaborators, from world-class watch manufacturers and avant-garde product designers to automotive aficionados and event organizers. Our alliance ensures that when you choose Race Republic, you’re not just getting a product; you’re immersing yourself in a world where automotive passion meets lifestyle elegance. Every partnership is meticulously curated, ensuring you experience the pinnacle of automotive-inspired products.

We’re constantly seeking to rev up our collaborations and explore new avenues of innovation. If you believe your brand—or the one you represent—offers a unique perspective or product that aligns with our ethos, we’d love to hear from you. Our vision is propelled by broadening our partnerships and enhancing the experiences we deliver to our valued community.

Below, explore the iconic brands and collaborators that drive alongside us in our pursuit of automotive passion.

Driving Passion Across Diverse Horizons.

Race Republic is honored to cater to a diverse group of enthusiasts, from individual car aficionados seeking unique automotive-inspired accessories to corporate entities looking for exclusive collaborations. Our reach extends to car clubs, racing events, automotive exhibitions, and lifestyle brands. Each esteemed member of our community recognizes the unparalleled quality and passion embedded in every Race Republic product and experience.

The relationships we’ve cultivated over the years stand as a testament to our commitment to the automotive world. Our enthusiasts appreciate our unwavering dedication to merging automotive passion with lifestyle elegance, and their continued loyalty is a reflection of the trust and admiration they hold for Race Republic.

Dive in below to discover some of the prominent organizations and individuals who proudly wave the Race Republic flag:  


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