Godzilla – Rising Sun Sticker

Godzilla – Rising Sun Sticker


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Race Republic’s Godzilla Sticker: Celebrate the might of the Nissan GTR, nicknamed “Godzilla”, set against the iconic Rising Sun with a touch of Chinese elegance.

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Introducing the Race Republic Godzilla Sticker, where the power of the Nissan GTR, fondly dubbed “Godzilla” by enthusiasts, meets the timeless beauty of the Rising Sun. This design captures the essence of the GTR’s dominance on the racetrack and streets, while the Rising Sun backdrop symbolizes the car’s Japanese heritage and the dawn of automotive excellence. The Chinese text below adds an element of mystique, bridging the gap between modern engineering marvels and ancient Asian traditions. This sticker is not just an accessory; it’s a tribute to the legendary prowess of the Nissan GTR and the rich tapestry of culture from which it originates.


  • Dimensions: 5cm x 8cm
  • Material: High-quality adhesive vinyl
  • Finish: Glossy


  • It Sticks😂

Package Includes:

  • Godzilla Rising Sun Sticker

Additional information

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5.2 × 0.1 cm